Toy of the Week – Emergency Medical Cart

“Look out! There has been an emergency! We need a doctor – STAT!”

No, don’t worry – this doesn’t have to be a real situation. Instead, using make believe and the right kind of toys, you can transform your little one into a life-saving doctor that patrols the house and makes sure all emergencies are covered. You can teach them the lingo they will need for any situation, and you can give them a sense of responsibility and pride as a little doctor.

And, with this week’s toy of the week, you can have a pretend medical professional at your side whenever you need.

The Right Tools for the Job

If your child wants to be a medical technician, they will need the right equipment and pretend toys in order to properly play doctor during playtime. They can use these tools to understand the gear associated with doctors, and utilize them when performing make believe life saving operations in house.

And if you want the perfect pretend toys for make believe time, get your children the Emergency Medical Cart and get them on their way to becoming a fully certified professional. This fantastic set of pretend toys comes with a great plastic cart that can be wheeled anywhere throughout the house, loaded with twenty different make believe toys that can be used for a variety of emergencies. They can use their new flashing monitor to watch the vital stats of patients, a stethoscope to check the heart rate of anyone in the office, a syringe to administer basic vaccinations, and multiple other small pretend toy tools that will let them save countless lives during make believe time.

And to make all of this make believe fun come true, all you need is a pair of AA batteries, and a child who is ready to become the doctor of the house.

Make Believe Can Help Your Child Develop

While you may not always want your child to get lost in a world of make believe, this is truly one of the best ways to help develop their critical thinking and analysis skills, and a wonderful chance for you to let their imaginations run wild. Additionally, having make believe playtime with their other friends can strengthen the bonds they share with other young ones, and further grow their abilities to interact with others.

And if you want the perfect pretend toy for your child to use during make believe, get them them a href="">Emergency Medical Cart. They can trade off with their friends or with whomever wants to play doctor, letting everyone in the group get a chance at saving lives. These simple acts among friends can be highly beneficial in the development of your child’s mental capacity.

Furthermore, instilling a desire to embrace the medical field may fuel a sense of ambition that carries on throughout your child’s entire life.

Play Doctor with Pretend Toys

This week, get ready for some life saving make believe fun with the child you love. Simply get them this great set of pretend toys, set aside some time together, and let the healing begin!


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