Toy of the Week – Pirates

From sailing across the seven seas, to discovering hidden treasure, pirates have a life that any child would romanticize. Children watch them as they spend their lives on the open sea, falling asleep every night under a sky full of stars. That’s the life!

So why not make your child’s dream come true and let them experience pirates of their own? Here are some fun activities you can do with your child during playtime to let them walk the plank and jump into the life of a real pirate.

Talk Like a Pirate

Aaarrr, matey! Time for ye to walk the plank!

What could be more fun that spending playtime with your child as you only speak like a pirate. Pick out a few key phrases to learn, and use them in each applicable situation. Yell to them “ahoy!” as they come in for breakfast in the morning, call them a ‘matey’ all day long, and when you head to the grocery store let them know that you’re in search for your ‘pirate booty’.

Letting your children speak like pirates will give them a glimpse into the life of a real scoundrel.

Playtime With Pirate Figures At Home

Now you can bring these lawless seafarers into your own home with the new Pirates collectible set. Each of these pirate figures has a comically large heads, and all have faces with different pirate expressions. Every one of them is carrying a weapon to use against other enemy ships, and all of them are painted in a different way to represent their own style. They also each have their own names and short background stories to create a collective tale of piracy.

These collectible Pirates can be used individually, or can be gathered together to sail away as an army of pirate figures during playtime. The arms and legs of these characters can be moved around, making these ocean scofflaws the perfect addition to your child’s secret chest of treasures.

Write Your Own Pirate Story

Pirate stories are some of the most incredible tales of adventure and mystery. From Blackbeard, to Barbarossa, to Calico Jack, each has a brilliant background that spans across seas and oceans.

If your child loves the idea of hopping on a ship and sailing across the world, have them write their own pirate story to weave a tale of their own. Every good pirate story includes a good pirate name, a famous ship, a sea on which they’re sailing, and hidden treasure they must uncover together. Anything else is up to you!

Encourage your child to be as creative as possible when writing his or her own pirate story. They can include details about talking parrots, golden swords, ships with cannons, mischievous alligators or crocodiles, or any other crazy ideas they can think of. Anything is possible in the wide world of pirates!

Have Fun On the Sea

Because of their life of freedom and adventure, pirates have become small heroes for children all around. If your child envisions a life on the sea, use these fun activities to set sail and see the world together.


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