Toy of the Week – Sno-Sculpture Kit

With all of the snow piling up around us each day, it can be fairly easy to convince the kids to head outside during the day to play in the wintery powder. But after making a few snow angels, and even a snowman or two, your children may tire of the outdoors unless you provide them with activities to keep their attention.

This winter then, turn outdoor play into a day of endless entertainment by preparing yourself with a great new kids toy that supports artistic imagination, a love for the snow, and a desire to play in the great outdoors. All you need is a few willing children, some snow, and a few hours to have fun!

Make a Snowman During Outdoor Play

No matter where they are in the world, children everywhere seem to love the outdoor play activity of making a snowman during the winter months. This simple activity for kids requires a great amount of imagination and a little bit of patience, and provides the children with a fun finished product for the holiday season.

But although having your children make a snowman may keep them entertained for a few minutes, they may lose interest after a single attempt and instead make a run for the door. And in order to keep their imaginations going and their attention alert, head outside this winter season with the Sno-Sculpture Kit, and get ready to watch your children make a masterpiece in the powder. This great new imagination activity for kids is for the children who don’t want to just make a snowman anymore – it is for those who want something more!

Sno-Sculpture Kit

This fun toy for kids comes with two different molds that your children can use, a marker that can be used to draw on the snow or ice, a packet of coloring powder to change the hue of the surface, and a small shaver for your children to add small designs in their new creations. And with this great new fun toy for kids arrives a set of instructions that will show your little ones how to make a variety of new creatures by simply using the powder beneath their feet.

Have your kids play outside this winter with this kids toy to spark their imaginations.

Spend More Time Outside

Although it may be easier to plop down in front of the TV together, or even stay inside when the temperatures seem a bit too chilly, heading outdoors to have your kids play outside can be truly beneficial to them in their early years. By simply sending them outside of the house for a few minutes, you encourage them to be active and aware, and you force them to spend time having fun by using nothing more than their own imaginations. And of course, fresh air is a wonderful thing to feel and breathe after a winter spent indoors.

Don’t let the outdoor fun end this season – just pick up a new kids toy, round up the children, and head outside to have the time of your lives!


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