Toy of the Week – My First Bamboo Keys

Each day your baby wakes up from sleep you rejoice in their beauty. Each new action taken by your baby is another step on the path of growth and development, and every movement should be cherished.

So why not commemorate your child’s peaceful nature and unconditional love this week with a new toy that they can treasure through the years? This week’s toy of the week, the My First Bamboo Keys set, is the perfect toy to give your child so they can have some fun and hold the key to your heart.

Wooden Keys

The My First Bamboo Keys toy is a set of wooden keys that are made of lightweight and durable bamboo, ensuring that they will withstand the curious hands and mouths of any baby. They are also made of non-toxic and baby safe materials, and are a large enough size to calm any concerns of choking.

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Each wooden key has a distinct shape and texture that will allow your child to learn about different shapes and sizes as they grasp the toys. They also make a great toy for teething, as the durable bamboo will not deteriorate over time, and the keys can be grasped by the small hands of children and manipulated with their mouths. The My First Bamboo Keys set is the perfect gift for babies that are just exploring the world.

Standing the Test of Time

While this great toy is a wonderful baby gift, it will stay with the family and act as a great memento when your baby grows and develops. Each key of the My First Bamboo Keys set is imprinted with a different phrase that is unique to each individual piece of wood. One says, “key to my mom’s heart”; another, “key to my crib”; the third exclaims, “key to my ride (stroller).” Each phrase is a fun and clever way look at the keys.

As your child grows and begins to read on their own, they can look back on these keys with fond memories and understand the true meaning of the words. Your child can fall in love with their favorite toy all over again as they read the words themselves.

Give As a Baby Gift

If your children are already beyond the age of teething and playing with baby toys, you can still share this wonderful toy by giving it to a friend or family member with a newborn baby. The My First Bamboo Keys set is a great baby gift to give at a shower, and is an excellent toy to place in the crib of a baby who is just beginning to teethe. Even for toddlers, it is a fun toy to use in the place of real keys, and is a great baby gift to give to any curious and exploring children.

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The Key To the World

If your child is beginning to play with new and exciting toys, give them the My First Bamboo Keys set to use during playtime. With this great baby toy, you can let them teethe, strengthen their grip, and show them that they truly hold the key to your love.


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