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Just like adults, little girls are often fascinated by makeup and beauty products that can change their reflection in the mirror. From lipsticks to make their lips shine pretty colors, to blush to apply to their cheeks, to even mascara to draw across their eyes, each piece of a makeup kit can be used to alter a young girl’s appearance in a fun and exciting way.

But you certainly don’t always want your child running through your makeup kit, though, making a mess of the contents inside. So instead of locking up your purse, get your child their own play kit that will give them some makeup of their own. This week’s toy of the week is the perfect addition to any little girl’s toy collection to keep her happy as she spends some time in front of the mirror.

Learn From Mom

Each day your little girl sees her mom get ready in front of the mirror, using different types of makeup to make your face change shapes. And now, with the Beauty Star Station, you can make her feel just like a grown up with this great girls makeup kit. It comes with a makeup case that lights up when opened, and includes a mirror so any little girl can see her beautiful reflection. It also comes complete with thirty different girls makeup items that each serve a different purpose: she can use lip gloss for a day at the park, nail polish to show off her hands, or simply some jewelry to add class and style to any occasion.

This girls makeup kit is sure to make her face light up with glee.

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And if your little girl gets jealous each day as you get ready in front of the mirror, let her play with this as you use your girls makeup kits together. As you apply lipstick, she can do the same with her own. And if you wear jewelry around your wrists or neck, give your daughter this girls makeup kit so she can look exactly like you.

Playtime For Girls Together

Playtime is a great way for girls to get together and play with the toys they treasure most. So why not add a little bit of fun and style to your daughter’s playtime with the Beauty Star Station? She will be the coolest kid in town with her new girls makeup kit that will allow her to transform the faces of all of her friends. She can set up her own salon with her friends as customers, or simply let them use it as they see fit. Your daughter will make sure that all of her friends leave your house dazzling and chic. This great girls makeup kit can be a wonderful addition to the playtime of a few little girls.

Makeup For Girls

Little girls get excited each morning as they see their mothers apply makeup to get ready for the day. And now with this great girls makeup set, you can each have your own style as you get ready for the world together.


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