Toy of the Week – Chinese Character Blocks

Using toys is a great way to have an educational experience with your children. Some toys can be used to develop spatial awareness, others can be employed for learning mathematics, while some puzzles can be used to help strengthen your child’s critical thinking skills.

And with these purposes, one of the most important skills that your child can develop is that of the use of language – and even practicing a foreign language at a young age can sharpen parts of your children’s minds to help them succeed in other educational endeavors.

So if you are looking to introduce your child to the wild world of foreign languages, turn to this week’s toy of the week for a set of wood blocks from across the globe.

Shapes and Symbols

Learning the alphabet at a young age can give your child a strong head start on the learning process in school. And once they learn to read, give them the Chinese Character Blocks for a new educational sensation. These beautiful wood blocks are engraved with 32 different Chinese characters, each representing a different object in the world such as wood, animals, and water. The blocks also contain pronunciation guides, character drawing guides, the English equivalent, and numbers written in Chinese. This excellent wood toy will give your child the ability to learn a variety of characters in a foreign language, and will engage their curiosity towards new subjects in the world.

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Pieces of a Puzzle

The fun doesn’t end when your child can recite and draw the characters from memory, though. The blocks are meant to be placed together to create a final artistic masterpiece – once combined, the Chinese Character Blocks make up a picture of a yellow dragon, as well as a full depiction of the map of China. Once your child is able to put all of the blocks together in order, they will get a new surprise – and the map and dragon picture will entertain them as they revel in the joy of their new educational accomplishment.

Good for All Ages

If your child isn’t quite ready to read or write yet, don’t worry – this wonderful set of wooden blocks for children is meant for anyone over the age of two. While it is beneficial to teach your children to read and write as early as possible, they can still use this educational wooden toy to further their mind’s development. Since the wooden blocks act as piece of a puzzle, they can put them together to create a picture. And since each block holds a new character in Mandarin that represents a different object or idea, they can use them to practice their brush strokes, helping strengthen their fine motor skills at a young age. And once your child learns the basics of the English alphabet, they can move on to reading and writing what they see on the blocks, fully utilizing this brilliant educational tool.

Reading and Writing With Wooden Blocks

Get started on your children’s education as early as you can. Give them this week’s toy of the week to show them a new wooden toy, and to give them another way they can learn something new about the world.


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