Toy of the Week – Constructables Dinos

Dinosaurs are some of the most fascinating creatures that have ever walked this Earth, and are sure to be a subject of interest for the children running around your house. They came in all different shapes and sizes, and had tongue-twisting names that are fun to shout out.

So if your little ones like these prehistoric creatures, then they will surely love this week’s toy of the week – a construction toy that will take them back in history with dinosaur fun!

Build Your Own Dinosaurs

Most children love to create things with their own two hands. From playing with sand or playdough, to even constructing things out of building blocks, the creative nature of children is almost insatiable.

And if that sounds like your little ones, then make sure to give them another great historic construction toy by bringing home the ConstructablesDinos dinosaur toy set. This great dinosaur building toy set is meant for children over the age of three, and is a great way to get your child in the constructive mood – the play set allows them to build a brontosauraus, triceratops, mastodon, or even T-Rex, all with fun, colorful components that easily fit together.

Beyond being a great building and constructing toy for your children, this is a great opportunity for you to teach them about the history of the Earth. You can teach them about the miraculous nature of the dinosaurs, and how they once inhabited all of the land around us. And if your children are really into learning, you can teach them the names of all of these exciting creatures, and watch as they use their imaginations to bring the dinosaurs back into their own lives.

Have a little prehistoric fun this week with this wonderful and education children’s building toy.

Look Out – It’s Alive!

Building toys are a whole lot of fun – but most of the time the enjoyment ends when the construction is complete. The instructions are followed, the blocks go together, and the finished product is left to sit there with almost no further purpose.

Not the Constructables Dinos dinosaur toy set, though – this great children’s building toy set can come alive after you finish construction. Each dinosaur can be connected to a simple battery pack (which only requires 1 “AA” battery), and will begin to walk and move around as it receives the electricity. So as your child finishes the final construction of his new favorite toy, get ready to have some additional fun as you hook it up to the battery and watch it charge around the house.

A Dinosaur Toy for the Holidays

Feel that cool air outside? That’s a direct sign that fall is here, with winter just around the corner. And as you prepare to put on warmer clothes and cozy up to the fire, also remember that the holiday season is night upon us.

So this year, don’t wait until the last minute to find gifts for the children you love. Instead, pick up this week’s dinosaur toy of the week to truly celebrate the holiday season.


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