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The months of winter present the perfect time for you to sit indoors with your little ones and perform arts and crafts projects together to pass the time. Art projects help keep your children busy when the frigid temperatures keep them indoors, and can even help strengthen their imagination and other key skills through interactive fun. And if your little ones love kids arts and crafts, there is a new toy that will entertain them for hours this year as they create beautiful jewelry for the whole family to wear!

Bracelets for Friends to Share

For children, having matching clothes, accessories, or even supplies can be a fun and exciting way to share a connection with a best or even new friend. This ownership of something collective gives the little ones the ability to have a special secret together, and allows them to strengthen their appreciation for one another through a simple garment.

And if your children love arts and crafts, and are ready to create beautiful kids arts and crafts projects to share with all of the friends they love, make sure they have the FunLoom this season for endless fun together. This fantastic kids arts and crafts toy gives your children the ability to quickly and effortlessly make friendship bracelets for anyone they would like. The FunLoom bracelet maker comes with 300 different stretchy and reusable bands, hooks to manipulate the bands, as well as a full loom to help the bracelets come together.

This bracelet maker toy also comes with instructions on how your children can start making their own friendship bracelets, and is sure to be a wild hit for any children that love to do kids arts and crafts with the rest of the family.

Work on Key Skills with a Fun Kids Crafts Toy

Although playtime is a wonderful opportunity for your children to play with fun and creative toys, it is also a chance for you to supply them with different games and activities that will help strengthen their key skills. And from hand eye coordination, to gross motor skills, there are a multitude of important attributes that you can help develop in your child as you have fun together.

Of course, if you want to add fun into the mix as well, bring home the FunLoom and let your children use it for endless fun during playtime with their friends. This great FunLoom bracelet maker lets your children work on kids crafts projects, all while helping them grow basic abilities they can apply to the rest of their lives. The different colors will help your little one’s visual analysis, the stretchy bands will strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills, and the intricate nature of the work will force your children to use a sense of critical analysis to create a beautiful finished product.

Make Friendship Bracelets This Week

Arts and crafts projects are the perfect activities to add into a winter playtime schedule. And if you want a kids craft toy that your children are sure to love, try out this fun bracelet maker this week to create wonderful kids arts and crafts together.


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