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Getting your young daughter’s interested in math and science at a young age is key to their overall development as they age and grow. While many girls become enticed by the prospect of creative arts, the sciences are equally important and can lead into wonderful prospects later in life.

But if your daughter is reluctant to try their hand at a small engineering or construction project, you may find it hard to grab their attention without some creativity. So leave the creativity to us, and bring home this week’s toy of the week, and brilliant and colorful building toy set that will keep her entertained and teach her about the world of math and science.

Reading and Playing Together

If your little daughter loves to read and explore new worlds, then think about combining the prospect of reading and learning about the world of math and science – and there is no better way to do that than by bringing them home the new GoldieBlox construction toy. This wonderful children’s construction toy comes with a storybook to help strengthen your daughter’s reading skills, as well as a collection of plastic construction materials for her to play with. And best of all, the storybook comes with instruction guides that can help teach her how to build replicas of the characters she loves in this new wonderful book.

Foster a love for basic building and engineering with this fantastic new building toy of the week.

Start When She’s Young

As your daughter progresses through school, you may start to notice that the participants in math, hard sciences, and engineering are still skewed in favor of boys. This isn’t to say that your daughter is less capable of performing the tasks, but often times girls are not encouraged to engage in this difficult subjects.

Obviously though, this skew is ridiculous, and girls like your young daughter should be involved in every part of the learning process, standing strong in the ranks of engineering, science, and math classes all throughout school. But unless you foster a love for these subjects when she is young, you may never get her to wish to participate.

That is where GoldieBlox comes in. This excellent construction toy for little girls is meant to inspire a love for math and engineering at a young age, and does so in a fun and exciting way. Your young daughter can read about a whole world of new characters on a variety of adventures, and can use her own hands to create small versions of the people in the stories. And best of all, the information is presented to her in a way that is meant to engage her mind and keep her interested throughout the whole process.

Give her a head start in this wonderful world of science and construction by taking home this building toy today.

Math and Science for Your Little Girl

Fostering a love for math and sciences in your daughter is a great way to give her a head start on learning in school. So this week, get her this wonderful construction toy to give her the boost she needs to excel in the world.


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