Toy of the Week – Ready, Set, Stilts

Sometimes it’s tough to find the right toys or activities for adventurous kids. From diving in the pool, to riding bikes, to even rollerblading or skateboarding, some kids just need an extra dose of awesome to keep their attention. Well now there’s a new toy for your adventurous child that will work on their hand-eye coordination, and will keep them busy as they work off all of their energy.

Two Tall Legs

Has your thrill-seeking child mastered walking upright? Do they seem like they can never unwind? If so, this is the right toy for you to get for them to help with their skill building. Ready, Set, Stilts is a pair of stilts that is perfect for children age five and up who are ready to see what life is like above the clouds. These stilts are fully adjustable, and can be set according to different heights. The weight limit is up to one hundred and ten pounds, making this toy the perfect addition for children of different ages. And the stilts come in a bright yellow color, perfect to be seen marching up and down the street.

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A Step in the Right Direction

Ready, Set, Stilts is also a great toy to use in a progression for those first learning how to walk with these devices. First, let your child stand on the stilts with the trainers attached at the bottom so they can fully adapt to their new height. Once they have become comfortable prancing around with their new toy, remove the trainers and watch as they use the stilts all on their own. Similar to training wheels, the trainers on the stilts allow for your children to ramp up to using their stilts unencumbered.

Step Into Safety

One of the most important aspects of using a new toy like this is safety. Similar to riding a bike, walking on stilts should also be accompanied by the user wearing a protective helmet. But while a bike helmet is shaped to protect the wearer from accidents while falling forward, stilt accidents can be different. Opt to find your child a helmet made specifically for skateboarding or rollerblading – these offer full protection of a head, both front and back.

Supervision is also extremely important for a child that is using stilts for their very first time. Even when the Ready, Set, Stilts are used with the accompanying trainers, they should still only be walked on when your child is fully supervised by either you or another trusted adult. While you never mean for an accident to happen, preparing for one can ensure that your child will always have adequate care in the event of any unforeseen events.

Walk Tall

Having an adventuresome child can be a handful sometimes, but supplying them with outlets to channel their energy can be fun and relaxing for both you and your child, and can be great for skill building. The next time you go out for a walk together, bring with you Ready, Set, Stilts and watch as your child walks a head above you.


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