Toy of the Week – Laundry Play Set

As you move around the house and perform the necessary chores for the week, your little one watches you with intrigue and excitement, hoping to one day be big enough and responsible enough to help you with your endeavors. But while they may try to offer their hands as assistance, it is often much more efficient if you perform the work yourself.

But if your child is set on helping, and has a bright imagination and loves pretend play, you’re in luck – this week’s toy of the week is a kid’s play set so your little one can finally do chores of their own!

Pretend Play with Laundry

When your little ones are finished with their dirty laundry, they most likely just toss it in a pile in the corner, and let you take care of it whenever you have time. Of course, they are too young to operate the washing machine, and simply can’t truly help out in this type of chore.

But now, you can let your children’s imaginations run wild, and give them a fun chance for pretend play with the Laundry Play Set. This exciting and interactive kids play set gives your little one the ability to perform laundry alongside you, and lets them feel like they are taking part in the chores that need to get done. They can play pretend for a few minutes with their new imagination kids play set, all while you take care of the business that you need.

And it looks like the real thing, too – the Laundry Play Set comes with a miniature laundry basket that can fit a few outfits, both a washer and a dryer stacked on top of one another, and realistic looking dials that your little one can use during pretend play. Keep it in the playroom to spark their imagination, or put it in the laundry room so you can work side by side.

Have Your Child Help Out Around the House

This week’s toy of the week may encourage your child to play pretend and use their imagination, but it is also meant to instill in them a desire to help out around the house whenever possible. After all, as the parent of a young child, you have countless chores to do around the house each week, and it would always be nice to have a little bit of assistance throughout the day.

Now, with the Laundry Play Set, your child can begin to develop an urge to lend a helping hand, even if it is only by using their imagination. With this development though, your kids may wish to help out in the future, whether by cooking in the kitchen, folding clothes in the bedroom, or sweeping up dirt off of the kitchen floor.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Having your child engage in imaginative play in the house is a wonderful way to fuel their wild and creative instincts. And this week, let them lend a hand in their imagination with the toy of the week.


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