Toy of the Week – Make a Dog Collar

Is there a furry friend in your house that wakes you up each morning with a lick to the face? If so, it probably acts as a best friend to your son or daughter, always willing to play whenever they want.

So this week, why not have you and your child show appreciation for the puppy in your life? This week’s kids toy of the week is the perfect item to let you and your child put a little fashion onto the dog you love so much.

Decorate Your Own Dog Collar

Everyone that owns a dog knows that it can come with a host of large expenses. From trips to the vet, to large bags of food every month, to even treats and toys for playtime, things can start to get pretty expensive.

So instead, save some money and get a fun kids toy this week with the Make a Dog Collar set. It comes with a full arts and crafts kit that lets your child create the dog collar they want and decorate it with a variety of fun little trinkets. They can include pom poms, sequins, pre-cut ribbon strips, and anything else they want – as long as the dog will wear it!

dog collar, art project, kids arts and crafts

For some additions, it also comes with a sewing needle to help the process – make sure that you handle this part to prevent your child from poking themselves!

More Than One Dog in Your Life?

Is your house occupied by more than just an extra four paws? Not to worry – the Make a Dog Collar kids toy set comes with enough material to make more than just one design. Unless you have a large breed, you can get two or three collars out of the entire set. And you can decorate the collars in the same fashion, or change it up entirely to have the most stylish dogs in the neighborhood!

dog collars, make a dog collar, kids craft project

Time to Go For a Walk

While you are sure to have an afternoon full of fun with your child as you create a new collar, the real fun will arrive when you finally take your pooch out on a walk. You can parade them through the neighborhood as they show off their new fashion accessory, and watch as other dog-walkers stare on in awe and envy.

And if anyone asks, you can light up your child’s life by explaining that this creation was due to his or her hard work and fashion sense at home. Make sure to tell your neighbors that you spent the day together making a new collar for your dog – your child will be proud to show off their new creation to the world!

A Gift for the Furry Friend in Your Life

Having your child spend some playtime with your puppy is a great way to occupy their time, and gives them a friend they can rely on. So this week, have your child give back to the dog in your life by making the pooch a fashion accessory that will only add to their beauty.


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