Toy of the Week – Marble Mania Extreme 2.0

With the start of the new year of school, your children are sure to be spending their days having endless fun with their new classmates. They are able to read new books, participate in fun arts and crafts projects, and enjoy delicious snacks during lunchtime at a table full of their friends.

But even in the best of years, your children are sure to have off days once in awhile – and it’s important to prepare adequately in order to cheer them up when they arrive at home. So if your kids walk in the front door with a gloomy disposition, get ready to turn the frown around with this week’s kids of the week – and send them to playtime for some marble mania fun!

Build a Course for Marbles

Children of all ages love to build things with their hands. Whether they are creating simple structures out of wooden blocks, or abstract designs with nothing but a handful of playdough, young kids are excited by the prospect of creating something of their own.

So give your children such pleasure this week by providing them with the Marble Mania Extreme 2.0. This incredible kids marble set allows your children to build courses of their own from simple instructions inside. The fun marble set comes with over 330 different pieces, including channels, spinners, shafts, lifters, and more – it includes everything your child will need to have a blast!

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And once the fun of building the marble run is over, get ready for the true excitement – and drop the marble down the course. The marble will follow each and every turn and corner that your children create as it descends to the ground along its path. And don’t even worry about picking it back up – this fun kids construction toy comes with a battery-powered lifter that carries the marble back to its starting position.

Take playtime fun to a whole new level with this fun futuristic kids toy that your children are sure to love.

Building Patience with Your Children

Patience is an incredibly important attribute that your children should learn at a very young age. Being patient allows your children to not only appreciate the process of waiting, but also enjoy creating something with the desire to see the finished project.

The Marble Mania Extreme 2.0 kids marble set is the perfect kids toy to help your children further develop their patience. They are required to build the marble runs entirely on their own, and work patiently towards finishing the product. And the construction is not always quick and easy – using diligence and perseverance, your children must stick with it until the final pieces are put into place.

And once they get this far, they will be rewarded with one of the most fun and intriguing construction toys around. Get your children this great marble kids toy to teach them lessons about the world, and provide them with endless opportunities for fun and excitement.

Playtime Fun

Just because school is starting, doesn’t mean that playtime has to end. Carry home this great construction toy to your children for some playtime fun with extreme marble mania!


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