Toy of the Week – Rockboard Radiate Skateboard

With the summer months upon us, children are flocking to the outdoors to spend hours every day playing under the sun. And as a child, riding on a toy with two or more wheel can be an exhilarating way to explore the world and feel the wind behind their ears. And every child knows that when the sun goes down, cars can’t see bikes or skateboards anymore, and it’s time for the fun to end.

But what if the fun didn’t have to end, even in the dark of the night? Well now there’s a toy that your child can use to ride up and down the street under nothing but the night sky.

Light Up The Night

If your child loves skateboarding, they’ll be happy with this new toy. The Rockboard Radiate Skateboard is a cool skateboard that they can use at anytime throughout the day. Just like any other cool skateboard, it has brand new grip tape to ensure a non-slip surface, and a great deck design they can show off to their friends. It’s also extremely sturdy, and can take the same tough use as a professional skateboard.

But the real fun begins at night. The bottom of the deck is embedded with LED lights, meaning they’ll be visible and project light, even in the darkest of areas. The cell-phone type battery has a life of up to seven hours, and can be recharged by simply plugging it into an outlet. To light up the skateboard, simply flip the on/off switch and be amazed by the display of colors. This is the perfect addition to your child’s moving toy collection to keep them happy and out of harm’s way.

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Safety First

While this toy is a great thing to use for active kids over the age of eight, it doesn’t replace other safety measures that should always be followed. For one, children should always wear a helmet when riding on this cool skateboard. Try to set a good example for your child by wearing a helmet whenever riding a bike or participating in any other similar sport. They’ll follow by example, and will always follow this safety measure.

A child should also never skateboard while unsupervised, especially at night. Even if they’ve become very adept at using their new toy, make sure to monitor them periodically as they skate during the day to ensure that they’re being safe. If they’re using their toy at night, make sure they only skate in designated areas, and lead them to a street that is generally free of traffic. While this toy is a great warning to cars and other motorists at night, avoiding any heavily trafficked areas is the best way to keep your child safe and free of harm.

Nighttime Fun

If your child loves to be adventurous, and can’t seem to come in when the sun goes down, give them this toy for a night full of fun. As the stars come up, watch them skate up and down the street as they have the best summer of their life.


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