Toy of the Week – Lil Rollerblades

Some kids are destined to want to move fast. They run, they jump, and they can’t seem to sit still as they find the next thing that will help them gain some speed. And while letting your child run around is a great way for them to get exercise and expend their endless amounts of energy, it is often difficult to find a safe kids toy that adds to their speed.

But now, with this week’s kids toy of the week, you can get them the perfect kids toy to place on their feet and let them soar down the street on two feet.

Inline Skating

There is no better way for your child to experience speed on two feet than by the experience of inline skating. And now, with the Lil Rollerblades, your little boy or girl can strap on a pair of rollerblades and stay upright as they cruise wherever they want. This great pair of kids’ skates comes in blue and pink, and includes all of the necessary safety equipment that will keep them protected as they skate on concrete or asphalt. And this rollerblade kids toy even comes with a backpack, so they can bring with them whatever they would like on their next adventure!

And don’t worry if your child doesn’t know how to skate – the Lil Rollerblades start out as regular rollerskates, and can easily be converted to inline skates once your child is ready for the next step in their skating. This fun pair of rollerblades will teach your child how to stand on two feet, and then will let them do the work as they skate around town.

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Fun With Sports And Exercise

Fun isn’t the only reason you should get this pair of rollerblades for your child, though. Riding around town on two feet is an excellent way for your child to get exercise – they must push hard with each step of the way, and will quickly tire out after a short period of use. Riding on rollerblades will help strengthen their muscles, increase their hand eye coordination, and strongly develop their balance as they try to stay upright on this set of wheels.

And if your child quickly gets the hang of riding around on rollerblades, you can see this as an opportunity to introduce them to a fun, new sport – inline hockey. Inline hockey takes all of the excitement of regular hockey and places it on an outdoor rink of concrete or asphalt. It can be played by children of all ages, and is a fun way to share your child’s love of skating with their passion for sports. And remember: inline skating is non-contact, meaning your child will be completely safe as they push about the rink.

Safety First – Then Fun!

As with any toy that involves a set of wheels, make sure that your child adheres to certain safety precautions before they begin to skate. Helmets and pads should be worn at all times, skating should end once it is dark outside, and you should monitor your child each time they go out on their new rollerblades.

And once they are comfortable, you can take your child wherever they would like to go – these fun rollerblades are the key to your next adventure together!


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