Toy of the Week – Tegu Blocks Explorer Set

Playtime is a great way for your child to build lasting friendships and connections with other children. It helps them learn basic skills like treating others well, and helps show them the importance of teamwork and cooperation with other children of their age.

It is also a great time to learn about different phenomena in their new and exciting world. During playtime, your child has a chance to learn about shapes, colors, sizes, and anything else that is put in front of them – it is their own time to explore the world! And this week’s toy of the week lets them truly become the explorer as they build and create little structures of their own.

Building Blocks of Playtime

When your child is young, it is important to introduce them to different structures and shapes in the world in order to help them develop their coordination and understanding of the world around. And now they can do just that with the Tegu Blocks Explorer Set. This great kids building set includes forty building blocks that are each magnetized for ease in connection. Using this set will allow your child to create entire buildings and sets all by themselves as manipulate each block with their hands. The blocks are also made of a hardwood from Central America, and are neither toxic nor harmful to your child’s health. This building set is a great way to teach your child about the shapes and sizes of the world.

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Make Whatever You Want

If you bring the Tegu Blocks Explorer Set into playtime for your child, there are some great ways you can use it in an educational lesson.

First, start with colors. The building blocks come in three different colors, and can be matched accordingly. To teach your child about these different colors, have them create a structure that adheres to a specific color pattern. It can be something specific, such as a building, or something entirely out of their imaginations!

Next, work with shapes and structures. You can watch as your child creates something random and unique, or you can give them instructions to help them build a beautiful creation. They can create boxes, miniature houses, or even giant robots. With this great kids building block set, the possibilities are endless!

Share With a Friend

If your child spends playtime with their friends, this building block set is the perfect toy to introduce to teach them about cooperation and sharing. Together the children will have to decide how each block will be used, and they will be required to work together in order to create the most imaginative structure possible. They can create their own and compare at the end, or combine their little minds to build the toy of their dreams. Your children become the explorers when they use this great building block set.

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Build Your Own Adventure!

If your child likes to explore and adventure, then this is the right toy for them. With this great building block set, your child can learn about the world while creating tiny toys of their own.


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