Toy of the Week – Raskullz Miniz Bike Helmets

Outdoor activities are a great way for your child to spend playtime during the hot months of summer. They can run, jump, and play around with their friends as they explore the great outdoors. Nature is the perfect place for an adventurous child, ready for some excitement.

And one of the best ways for your child to see the world this summer is by riding a bicycle. They can tag along with you as you take them about town, showing them all of their new surroundings. And this week’s toy of the week will help you keep safety in mind as you cruise around as a family.

Safety First

One of the most important parts of bicycle safety is wearing a helmet. It both protects the rider’s head and skull from unnecessary injury, and can give him or her an added sense of confidence when riding on the side of the road. And this week’s toy of the week is perfect for keeping your child safe in style. The Raskullz Miniz Bike Helmets will sit gently on top of your child’s head to ease your worries as they trail behind you. These cool helmets are engineered to act exactly like an adult bike helmet, and will keep your child safe in case of any unfortunate accidents.

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Look Cool

Your child will love to wear a helmet just like mom and dad, and they will certainly be wowed by the awesome features and styles that these cool helmets have to offer. Raskullz Miniz Bike Helmets are available in many looks, ranging from shark fins, to dinosaur bones, to even cat eyes for the animal loving rider. The designs are also painted on in a 3D pattern to make sure your child is riding in style.

Along For the Ride

If your child isn’t old enough to ride a bike, it doesn’t mean you still can’t take them along for the ride. Consider investing in a burley or bike trailer that you can pull behind you to take your child one some two-wheeled fun.

And if you decide to let your child ride behind you as you bike into town, make sure they are wearing a helmet to keep them as safe as possible. Even though they aren’t pedaling themselves, they still need protection on top of their heads to prevent injury and harm. Once again, look to the Raskullz Miniz Bike Helmets. While some are available in sizes for children ages 5-8, others are made specifically for the smaller heads of toddlers ages 3 and under. These are designed to perfectly fit the head of your younger child to ensure their safety as they ride behind you, taking in all that the world has to offer.

Fun on Two Wheels

Riding on a bicycle, or simply riding in a trailer behind a bike, is a great way to explore the world, and is a fun experience for any active child. The next time you head out together for a ride, place one of these cool helmets atop their head so they can look good and stay safe as they pedal behind you.


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