Toys That Fight the Brain Drain

Interactive learning is one of the most important parts of childhood development. Unfortunately though, it is often too easy to let our children have mindless fun in front of a tablet or TV, without actually exercising their brains.

Yet while this may be convenient, a little bit of extra work can pay off greatly as your kids continue through life. This week, don’t let the brain drain any longer – just pick up one of these educational kids toys and get ready to have some fun!

Build Your Own Wall Race Track

Using a construction toy is a wonderful way to get your children to understand shapes, spatial awareness, and even the role of basic physics. And while these may seem like complex subjects, you can make them a whole lot easier with the Wall Coaster Super Starter Kit. This fantastic learning toy gives your child the ability to build a wall coaster marble racetrack, and send a marble flying towards the floor. Of course, they can use pictures and instructions to start, and eventually use their imaginations to create a wall track of their own. This kids toy will have them building something that can provide endless hours of fun.

Create a Moving Miracle

Most children seem to love the idea of playing with different types of moving vehicles – remote-controlled cars, monster trucks, or even toy aircraft elicit squeals of glee.

This week, why not take the fun in another direction with the Air-Stream Machines learning toy. This great kids toy lets your children create their own moving machine through the use of a fully functioning blower motor that can propel a variety of different motions. With a little bit of instruction, a tiny bit of patience, and a wild imagination, your kids can machine a moving car, and much more. Move into a new world of fun with this educational toy for children.

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Make a Funny Face

Interactive puzzles are another wonderful way to get your children’s brains firing. They force your kids to use their spatial reasoning skills to put everything in place in the correct order.

And for a simple twist on traditional puzzle fun, bring home the Facemaker Blocks kids toy and have your kids get to work. It comes with 25 cubes that have different designs on each side, each of which can be face. But it’s not all predetermined – using their imaginations, your children must take the tools in this learning toy to build any structure they would like. A man with a mustache, the queen of a castle, a Viking wearing armor – your beloved children can create almost anything they would like, only being hindered by the vast reaches of their wild imaginations!

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Fun with Learning Toys

Your children may love to get lost in the world of television, tablets, or anything else with a screen, but pull them away this week with these great educational toys. With them, your kids can use their incredible imaginations to create new wonders and have unlimited fun together!


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