Choo! Choo! Let’s Go For a Train Ride

For some reason, trains are one of the most fascinating devices for children to watch as they chug along their tracks. Whether it’s the sound they make as the conductor blows the whistle, or the steam that billows up into the clouds, trains are a magical sight that entrance children as they pass by.

But unless you live on a major railway line, it’s not always easy to bring your child to the tracks to experience the magic of a train ride. So instead, here are some ways you can bring the tracks to your house and watch your child chug along with happiness.

Model Train Toys

Remember those great model train sets you used to see that wrapped around Christmas trees during the holidays? While they have largely fallen out of the public eye, model trains are a great gift to give your child to bring the tracks into your own house. You can place the tracks in any room of your house and watch as your child stares at it in wonder.

Setting up a model train toy is also a great family activity. Most simply require snapping the tracks into place and connecting the train to an electrical source for power. Once you have it in place, flip the switch and watch your new engine circle the tracks.

Read the Signs

One of the best parts of seeing a train go by is stopping at the crossing sign and watching as the crossing lights shine red and the bells chime. It can be just as exciting for your child as seeing the engine chug along.

So why not bring home the sign to your house for your child to play with each day? The Talking Railroad Crossing Sign is a wonderful, child-size version of a real crossing sign that lights up and swings as it warns of an oncoming train. And better yet, this great household train toy speaks to your child and informs them that it’s time to stop for the engine.

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And with this train toy in your home, you can feel extremely safe as it teaches your child and important lesson. As your child plays with the Talking Railroad Crossing Sign they’ll learn to understand the real sign so they’ll stop at it on the road.

Train Ride Around Town

If your child accompanies you on errands around town, why not pretend together that you are riding a train, and that they are the conductor, leading it around town? Before you leave the house, tell them that you’d like to purchase one train ticket to the grocery store and back – have them hand you a pretend ticket, and get in your car as if it were a real steam engine. Next, have them yell certain phrases like “all aboard!” and “the engine’s leaving the station!” As you make stops at certain places, have them act as a conductor by telling you and any other passengers that you’ll only be stopped for a few minutes before pulling out of the station.

This fun pretend activity can entertain them as they accompany you on routine errands, and can help you with your new onboard conductor.

All Aboard!

Each time a train passes by on the tracks, stop with your child and watch as they stare at it in amazement. To a child, a train has magical powers, transporting passengers to and from faraway lands.

But if you don’t want to wait until the train crosses the tracks, try one of these fun at-home train activities and watch as your little conductor crosses the tracks with glee!


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