Tummy Time Baby Activities

Tummy time is extremely important for infant development. It helps your baby strengthen their abdominal muscles, an integral part of rolling onto one’s back. It also strengthens your baby’s neck and back muscles, and allows them to see the world from a different perspective. All of these aspects are imperative in the progress of a baby, making tummy time more than just a time to play. Next time you play around with your baby on their stomach, try using one of these great baby toys for an enjoyable experience for all.

This toy is great for the curious baby. Consisting of three individual characters linked together, the Linko Toy Rings are a plush, colorful toy that fits all needs. The teething links allow for your baby to chew, the vibrant colors will dazzle their mind, and the fun shapes give your baby a chance to explore this crazy toy by touching, tasting, or hugging their newfriend.

This toy will provide visual stimulation for your child, and it’s the perfect size for babies one month and older. The layout of the design encourages babies to explore the toy using all of their developing senses.

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This creative toy is sure to please all! Made of bean-filled designs, the Jack and the Beanstax toy is a collection of shapes that allow a creative baby to stack it anyway they want, and still have a sensible creature. The parts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and whether you put the head on first or last, the outcome will still be something new and exciting.

The individual pieces are filled with beans for a soft feeling, and the material is sturdy so that no beans will spill out accidentally. This toy will help stimulate your baby’s creative side, and can be a simple step towards analytical thinking.

This is a new take on a timeless idea. The Ziggles Zag Rattle is a fun toy that features balls that ring, ribbons, and crinkle paper for a fun treat for your baby. They’ll be able to explore this great toy with their fingertips, and the noises will be sure to stimulate their senses.

This toy also contains a variety of vibrant colors, and boasts a design that’s visually pleasing and stimulating. It’s the perfect combination to keep your baby interested while simultaneously helping their development.

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This is both a toy and baby mat all in one. Creatures hang from plush branches over the baby, allowing them to kick, grab, touch, or taste anything around them. This toy contains a variety of visually stimulating options, including animals above, a forest scene painted on below, branches to grab on the side, and a comfortable mat to lie on if your baby gets tired.

With all of the excitement going on around your baby, they’re sure to turn their head left and right to try to grasp it all before rolling back over to their back.

Time for Tummy Time!

With these toys, tummy time will go from a regular, everyday activity, into a fun playtime for both you and your baby!


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