Unplug—Turn Off the TV

fun stuff for kids, kids activities, kids toys, toys for kidsSometimes convincing your kids to leave the comfort of the living room can be an arduous task. With the addition of each glowing screen, entertainment is endless and constantly available. But with a little bit of time and effort, getting your kids to be creative will get them to share time with you that’s TV free.

What Interests Your Child?

The easiest way to catch your child’s attention is by stimulating his or her interests. If your child is fascinated by TV shows about astronauts and space travel, then they might love the idea of creating a cardboard model rocket ship and taking part in a pretend blast off to the moon. Often times local planetariums will host such events, allowing children with similar passions to interact and engage each other. You can witness the smile on their face as you yell 3…2…1…Blast off!

Or if your child loves a show about a young adventurer, then it might be easy to spend a day and make him or her the adventurer instead! Many times a child sees a young individual on TV who travels the world and does things unimaginable. Allowing them to participate in those adventures can instill a sense of excitement and curiosity.

And it can be easier than you think! After preparing a list of fun-filled activities for your child, you can narrate their adventures as they travel through somewhere as big as your town, or as simple as your backyard. The list of possibilities is endless when setting up kids’ games.

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These activities don’t have to be weather dependent. While getting your child outside on a nice day can be lovely, there are plenty of TV free activities for them to enjoy inside. A simple set of colored pencils can act as an arts and crafts set for your kids, with which they can be creative and draw anything they can imagine!

The Next Step to Sharing Family Time

Once you have your child’s interests in mind, the next step is convincing them to peel their eyes away from the screen. This doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but it should include commitment from all sides. Your child is not going to want to live TV free if they’re the only ones participating.

Set up some time in which your whole family does these activities together. Whether it’s after school or work, right before bed, or during free time on the weekends, it’s important that your child knows that you all value family time away from the television. And this can be a wonderful bonding experience – you can show your child all of the things you used to love when you were young, and add to them using a modern twist.

Coming Together As a Family

This might seem like a difficult task at first, but don’t be discouraged! Inside each child is an imagination waiting to get out, and all it takes is a little bit of coaxing and encouragement.

Whether it’s riding bikes around an imaginary obstacle course, pretending you’re pilots and flying to the moon, or drawing pictures of your dream houses on the kitchen floor, getting your child to live TV free can be the first step towards more family time and a brighter imagination.


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