5 Feel Good Volunteer Opportunities This Thanksgiving Season

While the Thanksgiving season is a wonderful chance for you to spend quality time with the people you love, it is also a prime opportunity for you and your family to give back to the community through volunteering. But don’t worry – you can make an experience out of it, and there are even plenty of volunteering possibilities that will warm the insides of your heart. So if you are ready to celebrate the true Thanksgiving spirit, try these five feel good volunteer activities to help change the world for the better.

1. Humane Society

During the holidays, most pet shelters and humane societies find themselves understaffed and in need of serious help. And what child doesn’t like playing with a few fluffy cats and dogs for a few days?

Most shelters and humane societies give you the opportunity to help walk the animals during downtime, and may even let you lend a few extra hands during the feeding practice as well. If your children are up for it, let them participate in each activity of this wonderful volunteer opportunity.

2. Food Bank

As the weather gets colder, many less fortunate individuals begin to pour into the shelters and food banks in search of a hot meal. But unless there are ample resources, these facilities are forced to turn back a majority.

Try helping out this Thanksgiving season by volunteering to cook extra food for the masses, or simply by spooning out food to anyone in line. Your children can take on an easy job, and will feel a sense of accomplishment with this heartwarming task.

3. Turkey Trot for Charity

To help support local charities, many local organizations have begun to host something called a “Turkey Trot,” which usually consists of a 5- or 10-kilometer fun run that’s open to the public. The cost to register for the race is minimal, and all of the proceeds go towards helping the world. Plus, you can use this fun activity as a way to train and get in shape as a family!

4. Invite Over Someone for Dinner

You may be lucky enough to have a large family that gets together for wonderful Thanksgiving dinners, but not everyone shares this luxury, with many individuals spending the day without any company at all.

To warm your heart, as well as the belly of a few friends, invite over some people you know with no family in town, and let them participate in this family tradition as one of your own.

5. Retirement Home

Retirement home’s happen to be some of the loneliest places during the Thanksgiving holidays – for whatever reason, many relatives of the residents can’t seem to find time to visit, leaving the elderly occupants alone during the holiday season.

To help out and to bring a smile to the face of someone this year, go visit someone in a retirement home and simply spend time talking to them. They may have a few fun stories to tell you, and will certainly appreciate the impromptu company.

Warm Your Heart This Thanksgiving

Feel great this Thanksgiving by spending time with family giving back to the community around you. And if you are looking for something to do, try one of these great five volunteer ideas to warm your heart during these fantastic family holidays.


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