Splish! Splash! Time to Get Wet!

Summer’s coming, and that’s sure to mean one thing: time to beat the heat! If you live in an area where you dread the heat of the summer months, finding a way to spend time in the water can be a much-needed escape. But if heading to the crowded pool with your kids isn’t in the cards, there are some other, easy ways that you can get wet and have some fun!

Water Fights!

Remember having water fights with your friends as a kid? It’s a timeless tradition that children of all ages enjoy.

If you’re not a fan of having a water ‘gun’ around the house, don’t worry, there’re plenty of other ways to soak each other! Pick up a few plastic buckets from the store, stockpile a few water balloons, check the hoses for leaks, and make sure to wear a bathing suit or clothing you don’t mind getting wet. Then start running as your children chase after you with glee!

A fun learning activity to incorporate: depending on age and ability, have your children count to ten before running after you with water. If that’s easy, try having them count backwards!

Run Through the Sprinklers!

If it’s a hot, sunny day, you’ll most likely be running your sprinklers in the backyard anyway. Gather the family out back, and start a line running through the sprinklers one by one.

If that’s fun, try incorporating a contest into the mix. For example, silliest trick through the sprinkler, or most times passed through. Reward the winners with delicious cold popsicles.

Here’s a learning activity for your kids: play the ABC game with your kids. Every time someone jumps through the sprinkler, they have to say a word that starts with the next letter of the alphabet (for example: A – Apple! B – Boat! C – Caterpillar! Etc.).

Hop in the Backyard Pool!

If you don’t want to head to the city pool to cool off, why not bring the pool to your own backyard? It’s fairly easy to find a child-size pool at your local department store, and once you bring it home and fill it up it’ll provide endless entertainment on a hot summer day.

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As your kids flop around in the pool, dip your own feet in to relax and cool off. Inviting some of your children’s friends over can make it even more fun for everyone!

Here’s another learning activity to try: if you can find them, or if you can make them out of a floatable substance (Styrofoam might be the easiest), supply your children with pool toys in the shape of letters. Then sit with them and give them easy words to spell. Try harder words depending on the age and ability of your children.

Stay Cool This Summer

As the days get hotter, finding ways to stay cool get more and more difficult. Try these few ideas for ways to get wet, have some fun, and beat the heat in the summer months!


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