Will the Tooth Fairy Visit Tonight?

For a child, there is nearly no experience more exhilarating than losing a first tooth, placing it under the pillow, and falling into a blissful sleep while waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive overnight. And no matter what the tradition is in your home, whether it is rewarding your child with an allowance, small treasures, or anything else, having them take part in this timeless tradition can be a fun treat to commemorate a new development in their lives.

And now, on February 28th this year, children across the country will come together to celebrate ‘National Tooth Fairy Day,’ a time meant to signify the importance of this character in the lives of our little ones. And even if your child has still yet to lose a tooth, teach them about the tooth fairy next month, and what they can look forward to in the future.

Where Did the Tooth Fairy Visits Start?

The legend of the tooth fairy visit is one that spans back centuries, with experts claiming that it has roots in early European folklore. Unlike the modern era though, the earliest tradition was for parents to honor a child’s sixth lost tooth with a small gift or money placed under the pillow at night.

Now, of course, the celebration of this small occasion has morphed, with some children receiving money or gifts for each tooth they lose. Yet while the practices may be different today, they are still related to an age-old process started hundreds of years ago. 

The Importance of the Tooth Fairy Visit

In today’s world, some individuals believe that rewarding a child with money or gifts when they lose a tooth is unnecessary, and will only spoil the little one in question.

But while it may be true that kids losing teeth is not a measure of skill or ability, and is simply a natural progression in life, it is still an experience that can help teach your little one about the necessity of maintaining patience, as well as the importance of budgeting with money.

In regards to the first notion, in order for your child to receive their gift in the morning, they must wait diligently in their beds before the tooth fairy will arrive. This simple act forces them to quickly understand the importance of waiting patiently for the things in life that we truly want.

And as for budgeting, if your child receives money for each tooth they lose, they will then be required to confront the option of spending it immediately on small items, or saving it and amassing a grander fortune in order to purchase something larger in the future. Though it may seem like a basic idea, the tooth fairy visit can actually teach your kids about intricate ideas they will encounter later in life.

Will the Tooth Fairy Visit This February 28th?

The visiting tooth fairy is one of the most exciting times in a young child’s life. And this year, you can celebrate the development of your children, and teach them important lessons about life, all by surprising them with something small under their pillow.


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