Winter Science Fun

Although the coldest months of the year seem to present the earth around us as a barren wasteland, our surroundings truly hold miracles of nature that may be right in front of our eyes. And even as the snow blankets the ground, and the temperatures begin to drop, it is still possible to head outdoors to teach your little one all about the winter wonders that occur every year. If you are ready for some winter science fun, put on your coat, grab some mittens, and head outside into the winter wonderland!

Snowflake Under a Microscope

One of the most miraculous creations that nature has to offer is the snowflake. These brilliant little gems come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are ever alike. To make a fun science activity with the snow outside, find a kids microscope at the store, or even use a pair of binoculars, and have your child examine a flake beneath the lens. Explain to them the diverse nature of snowflakes, and how every single one comes in a pattern different than the rest.

Track the Animals

Although fewer animals are usually out in the winter than in the warm months of summer, it is easier to spot their pathways and patterns due to the tracks they leave in the snow beneath their feet. Use this as a chance to perform a great kids science winter activity with your child, by picking any pair of animal tracks that you see, and following them to their origin or to their final destination. You can take note of the way the animal moves, and speculate on the reason for their latest jaunt in the snow.

Freezing Bubbles

If the temperatures drop rapidly and you find icicles have formed in the morning when you wake up, you can use this chilly atmosphere as a chance to do another fun kids science winter activity with a common household toy. Grab a bottle of regular bubble formula and a wand, bundle up with your little one, and head out to the backyard. Have your child dip the wand in and blow a bubble regularly, but make sure they watch the bubble as it passes through the air. If the weather truly is cold enough, the bubble should begin to drop as the liquid freezes. Explain to your child that all liquid will freeze at a certain point, just like the water you can see in ponds, rivers, and even icicles.

Snow Inside the House

This is an easy kids science winter activity to do when you are finally ready to warm up after being outside. Have your child pack a snowball with their gloves and bring it inside the garage. If your garage is warm enough, then the snow will begin to melt rapidly inside of their hands. When this occurs, explain to your child that snow and ice are really just made of very cold water, and that when they are different temperatures they change from solid, liquid, and even to gas.

Have Kids Science Fun with Winter Activities

The winter season is a wonderful time to teach your child all about the science around us. This year, make sure to bundle up with your little one, and head outdoors to learn all about the world!


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