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Hearing your children say their first words can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. And as your child gets older, they’ll be learning new words to describe the things they see around them. Helping them learn can build their reading skills, boost their spelling abilities, and help them become better students in general. So here are a few ideas to continue that process:

-Syl-la-bles Board Game – A fun and zany word game, this is a great place to start when teaching your children how to spell and read. The board consists of a circle of letters, and each player lands on one and is required to think of, and spell, the longest word they can that starts with that letter. Points are awarded for each word, with longer words scoring more. This is a great game to teach your children how to spell the longest words they can think of! kids game, word game, board games, games for kids

-Alphabet Soup Dice Game – This game consists of 36 dice and infinite possibilities! Each die contains 6 letters, and players must roll the dice and spell the longest words they can imagine. This game can also be helpful for the younger children who just want to learn the letters, and is a wonderful spelling game all around.

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-FairyTales Story GameThis is a great storytelling game. Each child is giving a card containing a picture, and they’re required to create a story based on the illustrations. They can start small, with just a few lines, or they can take the spotlight for however long they want. Children can play with help from adults, or can tell stories in a group all by themselves!

-Storymatic Kids – This is another wonderful storytelling game with a twist! The game consists of blue and yellow cards. The blue cards give the player a situation to outline, and the yellow traits give specific character traits. The rest is entirely up to the player’s imagination! This can be a great way to both teach new words and show your children the timeless art of storytelling.

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-WordPirates – This new game combines spelling and strategy on a board your children are sure to love. To begin, each player takes a turn rolling letter dice – once again, they must create words out of these letters. The goal of the game is create a path of words to the center of the board, all while avoiding an encounter with the deep-sea sharks. Players can use other player’s words to build off of, or block their fellow pirates from passing by creating rock walls of words. This is a fun spelling game to boost reading skills, and will surely keep your children entertained for a while!

Each of these games offers something new to teach your children, and keeps the world of words fun. It can be a challenging adventure teaching your child how to spell and how to read, and incorporating games into the mix is a sure way to help them learn, and make them have fun!


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