Yummy, Yummy! Cooking With Kids

Don’t you wish your kids loved to eat healthy snacks? And wouldn’t it be nice sometimes if they wanted to help you in the kitchen before mealtime? Well worry no more! Getting them to help out and eat healthier can be painless with a few simple suggestions to get started.

Bring Them Into the Kitchen

Children are hands-on learners. They learn about the world and things around them by touching and experiencing. And often the kitchen of a household gets chaotic during mealtime, and kids are rushed out to occupy themselves while the food is prepared.

Next time things start to get crazy, instead of shooing the youngsters away, offer to let them help with the preparations. Start with something small like washing lettuce, and proceed with age-appropriate tasks to make them feel like they’ve been a part of the process.

And just watch – at the dinner table they’ll be more likely to eat healthy snacks that they can brag about how they did it themselves.

Teach Them About Their Food

If your children are wary about helping out in the kitchen, then create a fun learning activity for them to know more about what they’re eating. You can use anything from fun stories or narratives, pictures, or even trips to the backyard to look at the garden.

If your child loves a healthy snack like apples cut up into little pieces, then create a story of how the apple tree was planted, watered, and cared for to create all of the apples they enjoy. A story like this will help them put more thought into their eating habits.

And if your little ones like grilled cheese, have them bring you pieces of bread and slices of their favorite cheese while explaining to them all the work that goes into supplying them with these foods.

Stories can work wonders for children, especially when it comes to food.

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Leave It to Them

Depending on their age, it can occasionally be a daring choice to provide your child with a set of ingredients, and let them combine everything to create their own culinary delight. While this might not turn out as well as you would like, it gives your child a sense of responsibility for quelling the hunger of the whole family.

If you’re feeling less daring, then it might be easier for you to relinquish control when going shopping in the supermarket. Allowing your child to pick a few healthy snacks, or even letting them choose key ingredients, can help them feel like they were a part of what gets put on the table during mealtime.

Treat Your Kids to a Cooking Class

The last way that might get your kids to help out before mealtime is to put on a pretend cooking class for them. Get dressed up as a chef, don a fake mustache and accent, and take them through a recipe for the night step by step.

Showing them how to do fun activities like kneading dough, spinning salad, sprinkling salt, and even tasting a finished product, can get turn them into little helpers on the quest for healthy snacks!


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