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Encouraging kids playful imaginations and love of learning through fun games and educational toys.
Kids love to learn through play. We want to help facilitate and foster a life long love of learning through fun games, educational toys and hands-on activities.

Scared of Halloween

by on Monday, October 31, 2016 3:31:00 PM

Tonight is Halloween, and with it comes scores of trick or treaters dressed in costumes. Most of the costumes you see will be silly or beautiful. Some people love scary costumes, and some houses go all out with graveyard scenes and giant spider webs. When your little one is out trick or treating, he may come across some things that are scary and become afraid. When this happens, your reaction can make or break an ongoing episode of fear. Before your kiddo starts worrying about monsters under...

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Be a Better Parent by Practicing Self-Care

by on Friday, October 28, 2016 1:31:00 PM

We are always working hard to be our best selves for our kids, making sure to spend lots of time with them, cooking healthy meals, making sure they have enough toys for creative play, keeping the house clean, buying them clothes, helping them learn and so, so, so, much more. One thing that many parents do not do enough of, is take time out for themselves. It can almost seem selfish taking time away from your kids to go to the spa or hang out with friends, but when you do, you come back to them...

Explore Pumpkins with your Kids

by on Monday, October 24, 2016 2:52:00 PM

Halloween approaches and with it comes jack o’lanterns and trick or treating. Carving pumpkins with your kids is a great activity, but you don’t have to let it end there. Since it is pumpkin season, use these interesting gourds for more than decoration. Read on for activities that are fun, gross, and are great for learning. Make Pumpkin Slime or Oobleck Kids love slime, it feels great and it makes a fun mess (don’t worry, this mess can be easily cleaned with soapy water). To make fun pumpkin...

How to Help Your Child Calm Down

by on Monday, October 10, 2016 3:38:00 PM

Every parent has had to deal with tantrums that leave you frayed with skyrocketing blood pressure. Kids usually have tantrums when they are tired or hungry, or when they are too young to communicate what they are feeling. One of the worst parts about tantrums is that they can happen anywhere at any time, and they often happen at the worst possible time. There are things you can do to help avoid tantrums, but there are also steps you can take to stop or lessen a tantrum when it is already in...

Dance Energy Away & Make Music

by on Friday, October 7, 2016 2:50:00 PM

There is no doubt about it – little kids always seem to be moving around, especially when there is music in the air. Something about fun rhythms and catchy melodies cause children to tap their feet, hum along, and even shake and dance about wherever they are. And it’s healthy, too – by dancing around to the rhythm and melodies of the music, your child is dancing away some of the energy pent up inside of them, and engaging in a healthy activity. Here at Imagine Toys®, we love it when children...

Creative ways to dispose of Old Toys

by on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 3:25:00 PM

You may be floored to hear a toy company say this, but we agree that you can have too many toys. In spite of your best efforts, even pleading with friends and family to stop giving you toys, you may have toys everywhere in your house. As toys slowly take over, first the kids’ rooms, then the basement, play area, garage, living room, and on, you may start thinking about how to get rid of the less loved toys. Getting rid of toys is a twofold battle, sneaking them out before the kids see you, and...

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Painting Rocks is Fun for the Whole Family

by on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 9:20:00 AM

You may have seen some pictures of painted rocks on art websites, but you don’t have to be a fine artist to paint interesting and fun rocks with your kids. We have collected our favorite rock painting tips and ideas for your family, so you can spend a rainy day or lazy weekend painting rocks in beautiful, silly, and touching ways. Preparing Rocks can easily be purchased from most craft stores cheaply. When you buy them, you also won’t have to worry about scrubbing them or breaking local and...

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Crafts to Match

by on Friday, September 16, 2016 12:33:00 PM

Halloween is just around the corner, it is hard to believe with the beautiful weather that many of us have been having. You’ve probably seen the spooky displays in many stores. If you have been thinking about Halloween costumes for your kids, look no further than Imagine Toys. The great part about our costumes is that they can be used all year around for playing dress up. Cinderella Dress This beautiful Cinderella dress is sure to make your little one feel like a princess. Comes in sizes that...

How to Make Cooking at Home Easier and Eat Out Less

by on Thursday, September 15, 2016 7:55:00 AM

You've probably heard a thousand times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for little ones. While a hearty breakfast may provide our children with enough energy to last throughout a day filled with fun activities, an evening dinner with the family is just as significant. A healthy dinner helps revitalize our children after a day at school or elsewhere, and helps prepare them for extra homework or nighttime activities, or even a restful sleep to get them ready for...

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Arts and Crafts to Develop Creativity

by on Monday, September 12, 2016 3:48:00 PM

September 14th is national Live Creative Day. At Imagine Toys, creativity is a highly held virtue that leads to strength in problem solving, self-expression, and happier lives. In order to celebrate and develop creativity, we want to show off our favorite art toys that will help your little ones burst with creative ideas. Crayola Window Art Designer Nobody wants kids to draw on the walls, but if your kids are old enough, they can create beautiful stained glass on your windows with the Crayola...

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I am a foster parent with two special needs foster children. One is 23 months with cerebral palsy and the other is 7 and has significant developmental delays and is blind, etc. It is so exciting to get a catalog filled such great material for them. Kudos to you. I cant wait for it to come!
by: Alisa S.

Thank you for making shopping easy by selling so many wonderful toys to choose from!
by: Andrew A.

It's truly rare these days that a company not only stands behind its products, but also its customers. I have ordered a number of times from Imagine Toys, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Everyone I have dealt with, whether through email, chat box, or on the phone, has been so pleasant and accommodating. It truly means a lot. Many thanks,
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