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Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

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Boogie Board lcd writing tablet
Boogie Board lcd writing tablet
Boogie Board lcd writing tablet
Boogie Board tablet
Boogie Board eWriter
Boogie Board lcd tablet
Boogie Board
Boogie Board kids tablet
Boogie Board writing tablet
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Simple to use Boogie Board LCD Tablet

  • Use instead of paper & pen
  • Write or draw with included stylus or any not-sharp implement
  • Erase by pushing button
  • Sealed battery never needs replacing
  • Ages 5+ years

Item #: T12112

Boogie Board eWriter

Boogie Boars LCD writing tablets are so handy (and they look great, too). They are perfect for kids and adults, great for those instances when you would normally need paper and pen (think leaving messages, sketching, writing lists, etc.) They are the ultimate Magic Slate! A skinny one-eighth inch thick, these pressure-sensitive Boogie Board eWriters fit in purses, briefcases and backpacks. To write or draw, use the included stylus or any other non-sharp implement (like the back of a fingernail, a chopstick, a comb, even a thumb). To erase, simply press the button and start over. For ages 5 years and up.

More good stuff: Boogie Boards are great for the environment. The sealed battery will not need replacing and has outlasted 50,000 erases in factory testing (expect 6 years or longer). One of these amazing LCD kids tablets will save over 50,000 pieces of paper. Boogie Boards use so little energy, on/off buttons are unnecessary.

You and the kids will enjoy using this eco-friendly, fun alternative to paper. So many people find them handy—for example, kids can use them in the car; parents can make chore lists; families can use as a message board.

Safe for kids: Case and writing surface made from impact-resistance plastic. Contains no mercury, lead or other heavy metals. We recommend for ages 5 and older.

Specs: Writing surface is 8.5-inches (measured diagonally). Includes stainless steel stylus, microfiber cleaning cloth and user guide. Choose cyan, pink, green or white. NOTE: LCD images are best viewed in bright, indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight and moisture.

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